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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

4 Most Romantic Hotels in Dubai

When you are out with your partner on a holiday trip or on a honeymoon most of the times you prefer to go at a place which is a little secluded so that you get to face minimum distraction. Dubai can give you all these things which you exactly want for the two of you. Travelling on your honeymoon to Dubai will take you entirely on a romantic leisure trip as this oasis in desert is considered as one of the most preferable honeymoon destinations.

You can spend a pleasant time in the tranquility of the emirate at some of the most romantic properties. The emirate is blessed with many luxury hotels ensuring comfort, safety and privacy. 5 most romantic hotels in Dubai are:

Bab Al Shams:

It is ideally located a short drive away from Dubai city centre and is one of the most exotic honeymoon hotels. The hotel features a gym, pool, Arabian themed lounge and spa which add a more romantic feel to the place. It is a suitable abode for honeymooners. Enjoy a candle light dinner too at the magical ambience of the resort.

Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa:

You can get your bookings done at the Al Maha Desert Resort offering a perfect romantic getaway for the newly married couples or for tat mater all romantic couples. It is sited in the suburbs of the city featuring a Bedouin camp creating a perfect theme of Arabian nights.

Ritz Carlton Hotel:

The hotel offers a luxury paradise for those who have come to spend some special time with their partners. Here couples can go for rejuvenating spas and massages and they can even get themselves arranged in several recreational activities such as golf, water sports etc. 

Al Hamra Fort Hotel and Beach Resort:

Make your romantic holiday truly unforgettable by experiencing a luxury stay at the Al Hamra hotel crowned by a natural lagoon. The property is quiet big featuring 378 rooms. This hotel is inspired by tasteful exotic interiors with a genuine exotic atmosphere.