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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ways of Entertainment in Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Dubai and moreover, it is attracting expats to come here and experience a luxury lifestyle. Entertainment in Dubai features several ways and has lots of TV and radio channels for amusement as the emirate is a media hub.

Television Channels in Dubai:

Few terrestrial channels are there but most of the people select from a wide range of regional channels which are offered via cable or satellite. Subscription television in the emirate is available on cable via E-Vision. Wide selection of English programming is also provided by Orbit and Showtime. Other free to air channels are: MBC 4, MBC Action, Dubai One, City 7 TV and MBC 2. Most of the shows are broadcasted in English with Arabic subtitles except City 7.

There is a Middle East Broadcasting Center which is a network of free to air Arabic and English stations. Other TV Channels broadcasted in the emirate are:

  • Qanaty Kid’s Channel in English and Arabic 
  • e-Junior
  • Dubai 33
  • Dubai Sports Channel
Radio Channels:

Dubai radio is another major source of entertainment for people there in the emirate and it is well served by terrestrial radio complementing with huge variety of stations broadcasting in several languages. On these on air channels, the jockeys commonly speak in English, Hindi, Arabic, Malayalam, Urdu and Filipino. If we talk about the FM band, it is particularly crowded with a new station every 2 to 3 MHz apart.

In the past few years, the general standards have greatly improved and now many stations are at par with the radio stations in other major metropolitan cities in the world. However, as far as media in the region is concerned, is heavily government regulated. Even privately owned stations are controlled by the government. Moreover the radio in Dubai is the essential guide in surviving the hectic traffic of the city.

Few radio channels in the emirate are:
  • Free FM
  • Channel 4FM
  • City FM
  • Dubai Eye 103.8