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Monday, December 8, 2014

5 Things to Do in 24 Hours in Dubai

Dubai is a city of surprises, ready to offer you something new at every step. Forget about the luxurious seven star properties, man-made islands and skyscraper buildings, there is a lot more the emirate can offer. Today, it has become the hub of entire tourist industry, however, still the excitement and zeal of doing something new is unstoppable. So, if you find yourself with just 24 hours in the city, there will be no shortage for things to do. Here are few of them:
Cheap & Delicious Eats: The best way to get a unique city experience is through your stomach. Other than the five star cuisines, you can taste other sensational flavors of the city at some unique and famous restaurants. Al Dhiyafah Road is the cheap eats street in Dubai. Moreover, there are restaurants serving the best of Chinese and others variety of cuisines.  

Shopping Malls:
Dubai enlightens you with a great new shopping experience in some of the world’s famous malls and shopping arcades. The shoppers may get thrilled by the Mall of Arabia which is the largest in the world.

The Gold Souk:
The emirate is quiet well known for its cheap gold. Whether you want to buy gold or not, you need to take a leisurely walk through the dazzling gold souk in Dubai. The government here keeps a vigilant eye over the quality of all merchandise.

Champagne Brunch:
This brunch is a culinary experience in Dubai where you will find free flowing booze and heaping buffets that would fascinate all food lovers.

A look at Traditional Dubai:
Towards the drive of Dubai’s future, vast of the city have been knocked down, however still a heritage is left undestroyed. The Bastakia Quarter clutches itself between the Bur Dubai district and Dubai Creek is a muddle of wind towered constructions that has now been altered into cafes and galleries.

There are several other things that can be done within 24 hours in the emirate; however your interest really matters.