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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Waterfall in the Dubai Mall

The latest leisure and shopping destination in in Dubai, The Dubai Mall, has come up with a brand new spectacular feature, The Waterfall, and it offers a The Dubai Mall, the city’s newest shopping and leisure destination, has opened The Waterfall, a spectacular water feature that offers a quality point of meeting for visitors who access the mall. Located next to The Grove, a vital component of The Dubai Mall, The Waterfall opens to scenic views of Burj Dubai, The Address, Downtown Burj Dubai and the Dubai Fountain on the 30 acre Burj Dubai Lake.

The length of The Waterfall encompasses the complete height of the mall traversing all levels of the mall and is also embellished with beautified human sculptures of divers made of fiberglass to present a lively visual spectrum that harmonizes the rhythmic water flow. Two cylindrical structures are comprised by The Waterfall which measure 30 metres in diameter and 24 metres in length, with a reservoir overhead, feeding the recycled water. With fabulous light effects during the night and sunlight reflecting during the day, the cascading feature of falling water offers a unique esteemed feature for retailers.

According to the General Manager, of The Dubai Mall, Mr. Yousif Al Ali, “As the flagship mall development of Emaar Malls Group, The Dubai Mall has evolved as a sought-after shopping and leisure destination. The Waterfall in the mall is a perfect complement to the Dubai Fountain, which is currently being developed on the adjacent Burj Dubai Lake. These highlight the historic preference of the region for aesthetic water features, and add to the appeal of the mall as a family destination.”

Mr Al Ali explained also explained: “The Waterfall has been specifically designed to give visitors significant extras that enhance the lifestyle experience. Along with Dubai Aquarium & Discovery Centre – one of the most popular leisure attractions in the mall – The Waterfall is poised to become a meeting point for families.” A choice of retail kiosks and coffee shops overlook The Waterfall, providing visitors a comforting and a relaxing milieu to meet. A number of palm trees are also planted and set up to replicate the desert oasis ambience, and various in-mall activities will take place around The Waterfall to hold visitors’ interest. Two fountains are already featured by The Dubai Mall at the area of the food court, and sustained the attention of visitors for quite a long time. The Waterfall will further enhance the attractions based on water themes that are specifically appealing for the visitors

Designed and constructed by architects based in Singapore, The Waterfall will be an entryway which will feature several restaurants at the waterfronts that are being planned along the Burj Dubai Lake, which will in turn feature the Dubai Fountain, a world class light and water spectacle, and larger that even The Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas in area. Opened in November, 2008, The Dubai Mall received a great visitor turnout, with Dubai Ice Rink and Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre being the favorites. Rambling over 12 million sq ft, with 5.9 million of an internal floor area and a gross leasable area of 3.77 million sq ft, The Dubai Mall will also shortly open the Fashion Avenue, a committed haute couture zone with as many as 70 signature stores.