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Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Rapid Increase in Investment in Education Sector in UAE

A considerable investment in education is necessitated with the rapid increase in population. Comprehensive education is being provided to male as well as female students starting from kindergarten to university level education. An extensive private education sector also prevails; moreover, the students pursue higher  education abroad at the expense of the government. UAE believes in providing world class education system, however a huge investment is required and they are being doing for that matter. Earlier, they were busy developing a good educational infrastructure and now since it is ready, the focus is now changed to ensuring that the youth of the country must be ready to meet all challenges at the workplace.

While the government has heavily invested on the amenities as far as education is concerned, Madar Research has noted that now they have to encourage students in order to avail these amenities and facilities.  Dr Abdullah Al Karam, chairman of the board of directors of the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is focusing on reforming the education sector in Dubai. If we look at the breakdown of the education system in the UAE, the existing educational structure was established in early 1970’s which covers 14 years of education system.

The breakdown of the system is as follows:

•    It starts from Kindergarten
•    Primary
•    Preparatory Education
•    Secondary
•    Technical Secondary school
•    Higher Education

For the higher education the UAE has established a diversified system in a very short span of time. Government institutions can be attended by the Nationals free of charge. The Al Ain-based United Arab Emirates continues to remain a leading teaching and research institution in the country.
Other than this various higher educational systems and universities are coming up and the government is investing quiet a lot in the education industry, for the betterment of the residents and of course for the country.